The Perfect Workout Studio


an invigorating and welcoming space
where the body, mind and spirit come together 

The 900 square foot studio is bright and spacious with a full variety of equipment to make every workout fun and diverse. Mirrors abound to assist in the attainment of perfect form. Our plants and fountains add to the tranquility and calm that is a part of our Lake Tahoe environment. We offer convenient pull-up to-the-door parking in front and behind the studio .

Our Equipment

The Perfect Workout studio is fully equipped with
state-of-the-art balanced body equipment.

~ 6 Professional reformers ~
with attached towers and jump boards and boxes

~ 6 spine correctors ~

~ 6 bosu’s ~

~ 6 bender balls ~

~ 6 Ballet Barres ~

~ 6 EXO Chairs with Cords ~

~ 6 TRX® Systems ~

~ bioDensity™ System ~

~ and many more small accessories ~