February 12, 2012


Mat Female 2Pilates is a unique system of exercise designed to utilize the body efficiently to attain a higher level of overall wellness. The aim is greater flexibility, lengthening, strengthening, body balance and establishment of a centered core. Pilates is a kind, full-body conditioning program that can be adapted to any age or fitness level. It is  gentle enough for the strongest of athletes.


~ Longer, leaner muscles ~
~ Improves strength, flexibility and increases core strength ~
~ Improves postural problems and reduces back pain ~
~ No stress or impact on the joints ~
~ Improves performance in sports and complements other exercise ~
~ Great for post rehab exercise ~
~ Helps prevent osteoporosis ~

Studio Reformer with Tower Male 2



Joseph H. Pilates was born in Germany in 1880. He was a sickly child who as an adolescent began to devote his life to becoming physically stronger and understanding the body and mind. Through his experience with a variety of sports and rehabilitative methods he comprised his own form of body conditioning consisting of almost 500 exercises. Pilates conbines both Western and Eastern philosophies, uniting the mind and body in an effort to perform movements of varying difficulty with total control. Dancers have been including pilates in their weekly conditioning routines for decades, but more recently pilates has been discovered by proathletes, models and actors/actresses who have publicly credited pilates with helping them maintain their bodies in envious, top form!

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