The Best Of Barre Classes: 7 Long & Lean Moves

December 13, 2013

Industry News

barre classesThere are so many bars to choose from (and I’m not talk about the ones that serve vodka tonic). As a barre workout hopping regular, I’ve come to love each of the different classes signature cocktail (er, I mean exercise).

What qualifies a workout as a “barre” class? Well you would think a ballet barre, but one of the ballerina sculpting workouts below dispels that notion. Most styles have drawn inspiration from The Lotte Berk Method and emphasize the importance of form and alignment when performing low-weight, high rep exercises to sculpt long ballerina-worthy muscles. But that’s where the similarities end. From different props, philosophies and structures, here are some of the hottest moves from the top barre classes (Read Full Article)

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