Benefits of a Barre Workout

February 12, 2014

Industry News

barre classesI first heard about Barre workouts about three years ago when a new Pilates teacher at our studio convinced my mom, our studio owner, to let her do a demo class. I was initially skeptical because there’s no way a workout routine based off of ballet could be hard, right? WRONG! That first day I walked out of there hurting in places I didn’t know existed. I had no concept that I had muscles in my butt that I could actually workout. I was so naïve.

Nowadays, our Barre classes sell out a week in advance, and I’m currently enrolled in Barre teacher training. Let me tell you from first-hand experience: Barre workouts do not get any easier or any less fun to do over the years. It’s a quick and effective class that still makes me grit my teeth every time. (Read Full Article)

By Cassandra Jenis

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