Barre fitness workouts provide all-over strengthening, toning

August 29, 2013

Industry News

Barre-Incline-Village-NevadaWho doesn’t want tighter abs, toned arms and a little more lift in their bootie? Barre fitness, a fairly recent addition to the exercise scene, promises to deliver all that and more — without stressing either joints or dance ability. • All you need is a desire to change your body and a willingness to work hard to reach your goals. • Barre fitness is not a dance class. It just borrows the ballet barre, anchored to the wall, so you have something to hold on to while you pull and stretch your muscles in ways you may not have thought possible. The music is modern and energizing. You can wear your usual workout clothes, but close-fitting shorts or yoga pants are recommended. Leave your shoes and socks in your gym bag. (Note to self: get a pedicure.) Oh, and bring a towel — you will be dripping before long.  Read Full Article

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