6 Childhood Habits To Take Into The Real World

August 23, 2013

Industry News

Mommy-Me-kids-exerciseThey say with age comes wisdom.

In some regards, we are wiser now: Instead of refusing to eat our vegetables, we write love letters to and rap parodies about them.

But, there are a handful of habits we practice as children that we shouldn’t be so quick to discard. Of course, no one wants to retain the tantrums of their toddler years or the creative self-inflicted hair cuts of middle school, but even some of the most successful people know that certain, kid-centric behaviors are worthy of conventionalizing into adulthood. John F. Kennedy, for one, had the childish habit of taking a daily nap. There’s a lot we can learn from our children’s rituals: Many, of which, can promote productivity, happiness and less stress in our own lives.

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