September 6, 2013


Barre classes are a high energy, total body workout. All exercises are non-impact (safe on joints), but are designed for core-activation and balanced muscle development. Muscles are worked to fatigue through strengthening exercises, followed by stretching to create a long and lean, sculpted body. Ballet barres are used as well as other props  such as weights, balls and resistance bands.


Barre Benefits

~stronger, leaner muscles~

~body re-shaping and toning~

~stimulated fat-burning (similar to interval training)~

~better posture and physical mobility~


A Brief History

The Barre workout is derived from the Lotte Berk Method. Lotte Berk was a German dancer who fled to London during WWII.  She started her series of exercises in London, first in her studio and then in Vidal Sasson’s first salon. Her first U.S. studio opened in the 1970’s. Balanced Body Barre (TM) was created by Zayna Gold of Boston Body, the premier Balanced Body host site in New England. It incorporates traditional Lotte Berk exercises with modern additions and modifications.

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